Press Kit – Tiger Country

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  • “Steve Bodio brings his legendary Renaissance vision to this startling first novel, a work so mammoth in scope and elegant in execution it makes me wish he’d been writing fiction all along.”

    —Malcolm Brooks, Painted Horses

  • “…a fell vision of rewilding, brought forth in writing that is nothing less than rewilded itself. You can only feel alert as you venture through it.”

    —Thomas McIntyre, The Snow Leopard’s Tale

  • “Tiger Country is a well-told tale of the many human conflicts of the New West, both philosophical and physical, by one of the best ‘nature’ writers of his generation, because he knows humans are part of the natural world, whether for good or evil.”

    —John Barsness, The Life of the Hunt

  • “Tiger Country is ferociously honest and true.”

    —Sy Montgomery, The Soul of an Octopus

  • “No book should be the same as any other book, but this one is so unusual it could set a new standard. It’s a compelling, fascinating story written by a man who knows what he’s talking about.”

    —Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, The Secret Lives of Dogs

  • “No one better articulates the natural history of the desert southwest’s wildlands than Steve Bodio. His first novel incorporates vivid and raw human and animal characters, while skillfully blending mixes of culture, blood sport, and landscape.”

    —Cat Urbigkit, When Man Becomes Prey